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Saturday, February 22, 2003  

War Precautions
Found this today War Precautions. Goes on explaining on what to do when there is a chemical attack.

posted by nibaq | 10:45 PM

Wednesday, February 19, 2003  

The Army Convoy
Well on my back home today I spotted a US Army convoy on the highway. So I took out my digital camera as quickly as I could and started to take pictures. Now keep in mind I was trying my best not to get caught. Didnt want them to think I was a terrorist and didn't want to spend a day at a police station explaining to the cops what I was planning on doing with the pictures. So keeping that in mind I think these pictures are not bad. At one point I thought someone in one of the trucks saw me so I pretended my camera was a phone and started talking into my camera :P

Here are the pictures

posted by Mark | 3:26 PM

Generic Response
People keep asking me what I think of the situation in Kuwait. I am so sick of this question. Do I have access to information that the military and intelligence officers have? So my generic reply is: "I believe the situation we are in is a troubling one and I believe that we will have a quick solution in the near future."

It is simple quick, and fun. I donŐt really tell then my view or what I think, or who I side with. Since I donŐt side with anyone it is a fucked up situation and I donŐt have any answers.

posted by nibaq | 11:47 AM

Tuesday, February 18, 2003  

Final Countdown
Canadian embassy emailed me and told me to leave. Australian embassy emailed my friend and told him to leave. The whole evening i have been hearing helicopters and jets fly by... something is gonna down soon...

posted by Mark | 10:48 PM
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