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Saturday, April 05, 2003  

Where is John Vause?

Forget Saddam and Osama! Where is my baby...oops I mean John Vause. I have not seen him in a few days. Have you?

posted by Rampurple | 11:45 PM

Mc Donalds Targetted Again

Lebanon : An explosion ripped through the toilets of a McDonalds restaurant lightly injuring at least two people, security sources said, in the latest in a string of attacks on fast food outlets associated with the United States.

The blast at the Dora branch was caused by dynamite hidden in the toilet of the restaurant, the sources said.

Security forces have evacuated the building, and are checking it for any other explosives, they added.
(Lebanese Forces)

posted by Rampurple | 8:58 PM


I must admit Saddam's blog is more entertaining than Bush. You guys have to admit Saddam is more entertaining and spontaneous. Bush is boring. Clinton was more fun.

posted by Rampurple | 8:29 PM

Saddam's Sex Life

This might be old news to a lot of you but it I just read these.

"He was tender," she said. "He was warm. He was nice. He was another person." But as Saddam grew older, he dyed his hair, used a relaxation mask to reduce wrinkles, and sometimes used Viagra to enhance their sexual encounters, she said.

Even when relaxing, Saddam's brutal side could come out, she said. According to Lampsos, Saddam loved watching The Godfather, listening to "Strangers in the Night" by Frank Sinatra, or seeing videos of his enemies being tortured. He sometimes donned a cowboy hat, sipped whiskey on the rocks and puffed on a cigar as he watched the torture.

To read more check out:
Entertainment Tonight
ABC News
Sky News

posted by Rampurple | 8:20 PM


"the West won the world not by the superiority of its ideas or values or religion but rather by its superiority in applying organized violence. Westerners often forget this fact, non-Westerners never do."

Samuel P. Huntington

posted by Rampurple | 3:20 PM

Female Suicide Bombers

This fad of female suicide bombeers started in January 2002, in Palestine. The numbers of women willing to be suicide bombers has increased since then for a number of reasons. These reasons are my opinion.

1. Why not? Women are equal to men and they women fight in foreign armies such as the US, British, Israeli. So it is ok to attack them with women.
2. Everyone suspects a man. It is rare for a female to be suspected. Even here in Kuwait, I usually do not get asked for my ID at checkpoints since I am female...what harm can I do?
3. Rewards. Women tend to be more loyal to their families. If a woman thinks her poor family will be rewarded a good amount of money then she would sacrifice her life.

I found this year old article in USA today about the mentality of female suicide bombers.

posted by Rampurple | 10:17 AM

A Private Thought

I was watching the footage of Saddam walking down the streets of a Baghdad residential area. The crowd caught my attention.

All the people resisting the US, why? We all know for a fact that the majority of Iraqis hate Saddam so why won't they uprise? Is it really because they fear Saddam? I don't think so.

I know that I don't like my President. My President and government did a lot of wrong to my country but I do know if my country was to be invaded/conquered/liberated, call it what you wish, I wouldn't support that movement. It is MY country. MY land. Problems cannot be solved by a third party. It never did. The entire Middle East was under control by foregin nations, where did that lead us? I would hate to see foreign troops on my land. I would hate to see my people dying in such a war.

posted by Rampurple | 12:21 AM

Friday, April 04, 2003  

Congress Resolution Against Syria


1st Session
H. CON. RES. 133
Expressing the concern of Congress over Russian and Syrian actions in support of Iraq.
April 1, 2003
Mr. LANTOS submitted the following concurrent resolution; which was referred to the Committee on International Relations.
Now, therefore, be it Resolved by
the House of Representatives (the Senate concurring), That the Congress--

(1)condemns in the strongest possible terms the actions by the Government of
Syria , a state sponsor of terrorism under United States law, in transferring
military equipment to the terrorist government of Iraq, at a time when
coalition forces are fighting to liberate the people of Iraq, and demands
that these transfers cease immediately;

(2) further condemns Syria's policy of
allowing terrorists to cross its border to fight for the regime of Saddam

(3) demands that Syria and all other states bordering Iraq--(A)
prevent any crossing into Iraq of individuals or groups, Iraqi or non-Iraqi,
who intend to fight in support of the regime of Saddam Hussein; and(B)
prevent any emigration from Iraq of Iraqi soldiers or officials affiliated
with the regime of Saddam Hussein;

(4) condemns the failure of the Russian
Federation to intercede and prevent Russian private entities from engaging in
the sale of lethal military weapons and other military goods to the terrorist
government of Iraq;

(5) declares that--(A) any state that continues to assist
the regime of Saddam Hussein will be seen by the people of the United States
as directly opposing the vital interests of the United States; and(B) there
should be the most severe consequences for the future relations between the
United States and any such state;

(6) underscores its full agreement with
Secretary of State Colin Powell's statement of March 30, 2003 that Syria
faces `a critical choice' between `direct support for terrorist groups and
the dying regime of Saddam Hussein, or . . . embark[ing] on a different and
more hopeful course' and that Syria will bear full responsibility for its

(7) awaits with keen interest any information about foreign suppliers
of military and dual-use equipment that may be uncovered by coalition forces
in the coming weeks and months;

and(8) urges the President to keep the
Congress fully and currently informed concerning the matters addressed in
this resolution.

posted by Rampurple | 10:59 PM

Civil War

Will a civil war start in Iraq after it's liberation? Check out what James Dunnigan predicts.

posted by Rampurple | 10:45 PM

Dead or Alive?

Was it really Saddam who was taking a walk in Baghdad today?
Here are a few articles that questions Saddam's fate:


posted by Rampurple | 10:13 PM

Al Jazeera Back Up

The english version of Al Jazeera is back up! Here is the link: www.English.Aljazeera.net

posted by Rampurple | 6:04 PM

Iraqi Tactics

Sahhaf was asked at a press conference why was there not much defense of the airport, his reply was "I won't discuss our tactics." Sahhaf also claims that they have not been suprised by anything the coalition has done. He also said that the coalition expected a conventional response but they did not respond to their expectations. When he was asked about the suicidal car bombinb, sahhaf said that he was sad when he heard about it because there were supposed to be 30 car bombings and not one.

posted by Rampurple | 5:46 PM

Robert Fisk on the Airport

SADDAM HUSSEIN INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT - So where are the Americans? I prowled the empty departure lounges, mooched through the abandoned customs department, chatted to the seven armed militia guards, met the airport director and stood beside the runways where two dust-covered Iraqi Airways passenger jets -- an old 727 and an even more elderly Antonov -- stood forlornly on the runway not far from an equally decrepit military helicopter.

Rest of the article

posted by Rampurple | 5:10 PM

View of Baghdad

Baghdad Today.

posted by Rampurple | 4:48 PM

Thursday, April 03, 2003  

F18 show down

All afternoon I have been waiting for updates on the F18 that got shot down. Iraq claims they shot it down. The US denies that and are assuming that a Patriot Missile has shot down its 3rd coalition aircraft.

posted by Rampurple | 9:58 PM


Baghdad has been left with no electricity for a couple of hours now. The coalition says they have not targeted the electricity. Could this be part of a trap? Supposedly the coalition are getting to Baghdad tonight. Iraqi leaders deny that. I feel like the troops are getting to Baghdad easily. I guess we can just wait and see and hope for the best.

posted by Rampurple | 9:55 PM

Rumsfeld....the poet

Here is a sample:

The Unknown
As we know,
There are known knowns.
There are things we know we know.
We also know
There are known unknowns.
That is to say
We know there are some things
We do not know.
But there are also unknown unknowns,
The ones we donŐt know
We donŐt know.

Check out more poems here!

Thanks Michael!

posted by Rampurple | 5:48 PM


I found this article in Dar Al Hayat. If I am not mistaken Dar Al Hayat is teamed up with the Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation. Also, I believe the writer is Syrian. I thought it was interesting to find an Arab article from anti-war countries with an anti-saddam perspective.

posted by Rampurple | 4:44 PM

Al-Jazeera on Strike in Iraq

Iraq has banned banned one Al-Jazeera correspondent from working and asked another to leave.

Iraq has stated no reason on why they have done this, but Al-Jazeera in responce is halting all thier broadcasts and just stick to minimum service, airing pictures from its offices in Baghdad, the southern city of Basra and the northern town of Mosul, a news presenter said.

So CNN is out, of Baghdad, Al-Jazeera is on strike.

I think those two companies should hire Arnett since he is chummy with the Iraqi government.

Al Jazeera suspends broadcasts from Iraq

posted by nibaq | 9:15 AM

Doctor Photoshop

Can we trust what we see anymore?

posted by nibaq | 12:18 AM

Wednesday, April 02, 2003  

Welcome to the Jungle

This is an intresting Op-Ed piece from the San Fransico Chronicle

The writer talks about the urban guerilla war that the US will be facing in Iraq, and comparing it to tactics that the US faced in Vietnam. Just how hard it will be for the US to actually control these areas and be able to defend themselves from attacks.

This is eveident in how the US Military haven't still fully controlled Basara and Um Qasr. Yet they plan to siege and take over Baghdad a city that is 30 miles wide. The war is changing, the quick military action with the Iraqi people rejoycing is not happening. This war will get dirtier in tactics and actions in order to for the US Military to win.

posted by nibaq | 11:21 PM

Kuwait Tonight

Wednesday night. It's the weekend. (Kuwaits weekends are Thursday and Fridays). The weather was great today.

I decided to do some shopping today. I first went to Sharq Mall (the mall that got hit last Friday). It was crowded. People are hanging out again.

The cars on the streets are crowded of guys trying to pick up girls, and girls who want to be picked up (regulary done in the weekends on the Gulf Road).

After Sharq Mall, I went to a mall called Marina Mall. This mall has been open for a few months. It was so crowded! I am sure I have been there before on a weekend night, but I don't recall seeing it as crowded as tonight.

Now I am home, waiting for John Vause to appear on TV in a few minutes....if he only knows what he is missing out on!......

posted by Rampurple | 10:52 PM

Saddam's Disappearance

The Iraqi information minister, reading a statement he said was from Saddam Hussein, called Tuesday for a jihad, or holy war, against the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq.
The statement was read by Mohammed Saeed al-Sahhaf after observers noted a strange incident at the press conference of Vice President Taha Yassin Ramadan. He reportedly hurriedly and abruptly left the conference after being handed a written note. There was speculation that the note concerned Saddam Hussein.

To read the rest of this article click here.

posted by Rampurple | 11:10 AM

Baghdad Weather Report

Baghdad weather girls point to the map and say, "Scattered B-52 bombings and cruise missile strikes tonight through the early morning, with light rocket attacks tomorrow, clearing off by noon."

posted by Rampurple | 10:09 AM

I have been receiving really interesting mail from readers. There is one that caught my attention. This person told me that the Israel has abided to all resolutions and it is not true that the US backs up Israel. So, here are a few links where you might find UN resolutions ignored by Israel and list of UN resolutions concerning Israel vetoed by the US. Have a good read!

A lis of 4 UN resolutions concerning Lebanon and Israel
65 UN resolutions concerning Israel plus 30 Resolutions that got veoted by the US
Here's some more

posted by Rampurple | 9:13 AM

X Marks the Spot

Saw this link on Kimnet links to Digital Globe's latest gallery of Baghdad.

It looks like an amazing city, hopefully the bombs didn't destroy the older cultural buildings. I some how have this weird feeling of Berlin when I look at these pictures.

posted by nibaq | 8:50 AM

Tijuana, Iraq

Got an email from Braz about this LT Smash Post

The Middle East is mostly a dry region no alcohol. This is Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar. So if you wanted a beer you went to your closest stop, be Iraq, Dubai, Bahrain, or Egypt Syria, and Lebanon.

So for people in Kuwait who couldn't travel to those countries and be in a more upscale area. There was your Iraqi border town, just a quick drive away and the border guards didn't harass you.

This is one thing you'll see after that area is safe, and slowly being brought back it will turn into this weird grey area where people coming to rebuild Iraq will I am sure spent a lot of their time. Close to a major airport (Kuwait), and just far from judicial prosecution.

posted by nibaq | 4:25 AM

Who is Left to Report the News?

I have never been a big fan of Geraldo, but he just got kicked out of Iraq by the US Military for divulging information that was crucial to their attack on a live broadcast. [Yahoo News]

Then you have NBC's Arnett who like Geraldo got removed from Iraq. Yet also fired from NBC because he gave Iraqi TV an Interview stating how he felt the war was going, which was that it was failing due to Iraqi resistance. Though the Daily Mirror has hired him.

I understand that if you are stationed with the US Troops it is a good thing not to tell the enemy where they are located or when they are going to attack.

This just erks me for who is left in Iraq and not under the control of the US military? When some one offers their opinion on what they see conflicts with what the Military wishes to keep under wraps like they are losing. This guy gets removed from the area.

I just want the truth on what is going on, so I can make a choice and not have someone else tell me their propaganda piece.

posted by nibaq | 3:45 AM

Come back Flipper

Seems one of those dolphins that were sent to clear mines in the Iraqi waters decided to check out the scenery. Though he did come back a couple days later.

Dolphins going AWOL

posted by nibaq | 3:17 AM


I got a question that I would like to be answered. I understand Saddam's pictures being removed. Why are Iraqi flags being removed? I thought this was the liberation of Iraq.

posted by Rampurple | 12:48 AM

Aliens Also Involved

Does Saddam own a UFO?? Find out for yourselves!

So now we know where Saddam might exile to....Outerspace!

posted by Rampurple | 12:35 AM

And Now For Some News

- Powell arrived in Turkey a while ago to do some "fence mending."

- Saddam did not appear on TV like promised, instead Sahhaf appeared and read a letter written by Saddam (or so they acclaimed). This letter has called for a Muslim war.

- John Vause still has not contacted me. His loss!

posted by Rampurple | 12:29 AM

Tuesday, April 01, 2003  


Q: What's the fastest way to break up a bingo game in Baghdad?

A: You shout out, "B-52"

(ok, ok...it isnt so funny but I couldn't help myself from posting it)

posted by Rampurple | 11:13 PM

War Room

While bored today, I found this site while browsing the net.

Let me know what you guys think.

posted by Rampurple | 11:09 PM


qHate is back! I am so happy.

posted by Rampurple | 11:00 PM

US Foreign Policy

I was just reading all your shout outs and emails. Something has come up to my attention. Who are you guys comparing rulers and leaders to? The US system? That is not right. The US cannot go ahead and meddle in everyone's business.

Iraq is not the only country in the world who has not followed UN resolutions. Israel and Syria are 2 other countries in the Middle East who have ignored UN resolutions. The United States, itself, ignored the UN and went for war without them. What sort of image does that give to the US?

Iraq is not the only country in the world that has mass destruction weapons. At least other countries admit to having them, or there is proof of them having weapons of such nature.

Iraq is not the only country in the world that has a dictator.

I am happy the US are attempting to remove Saddam just because I know what he is. But I also know he is not the only person of this sort. Keep in mind, I know shit about facts around the world. I am very simple minded when it comes to world politics but I do know that every US president acts like he is President of the entire world.
I also wanted to note on something.....it isnt only in the US where you can fight for freedom. Also, it isn't only US tax payers who are paying for this war. You have an oil rich country called Kuwait contributing to the bills as well.

Keep in mind, i am NOT anti-american. What I am atempting to do is for you guys to see a different perspective that you are bound to understand.

posted by Rampurple | 9:40 AM

Sirens....Once Again

Sirens went on 6 minutes ago in Kuwait. Still don't know why. I was on my way to work and I can now confirm that the people in Kuwait don't give a damn anymore!

posted by Rampurple | 9:19 AM

Monday, March 31, 2003  

What Do You think?

This is a mail I got today. What do you guys think?

"You said in one of your latest postings:

Yes someone should stand up against the US once in a while. It is a shame though that the only person who did stand up against the US is a dictator.
Stand up to the US about WHAT???? About trying to rid the world of a ruthless,savage
dictator who has & will continue to massacre anyone including his own people at whim
while the rest of the world twiddles their thumbs & shouts war protests? So the US is
wrong to go after someone who slaughters innocent people for pleasure & profict, but to
want peace at the cost of ignoring the cruelty and torture this man inflicts upon thousands upon thousands of people is justified? Sorry, I just do not follow that logic one bit. Not ONE BIT.
The rest of the countries should hang their head in shame to care about their OWN PEACE
and enjoy their OWN SAFETY while allowing these attrocities to occur. Personally I feel
the world owes the US & Great Brittain a HUGE THANK-YOU.
Let us not forget the multitudes who wanted to avoid dealing with Hitler as well.
They are alive today only because of the brave souls who dared go against him."

posted by Rampurple | 10:56 PM

How the war was FUN!

Wow, wonder how much more interesting my world history class would have been if every major war was presented like this.

posted by Oilrig | 9:04 PM

Stuck In The Office

I have been stuck in the office all day. I turned on CNN a while ago, seemed like there was nothing really important going on. It has been really quiet today, other than that bomb incident. It has been 48 hours since we last heard sirens.

Now here is a story of a brave workaholic. Remember I told you about my boss getting injured in Iraq? Turns out a bomb shell (I think that is what they call it) hit him in his left shoulder right about his chest. It is an outer wound I was told. They placed him in the hospital last night. He was released this morning. I just got told that he is back in Iraq. I salute him.

posted by Rampurple | 6:17 PM

Bomb Threat

What can I tell you? My life is full of action. The UN office right next to my office has received a bomb threat. The area is now closed. If I leave the office I cannot return. Kuwait police is here and they are waiting for the bomb squad to get here. According to one of the officers, they have been receivied several hoax bomb threats recently, but they treat them seriously.

posted by Rampurple | 1:27 PM

Kuwait Today

The weather has been beautiful in Kuwait the last 2 days. Sunny, clear skies with warm temperatures. I hope for the soldiers' sakes the temperatures won't start soaring soon. People are up and about doing their business. Schools and colleges are reopening. People who had taken time off from work are returning. People seem to be sympathetic to the Iraqi people. I believe the "shock and awe" was felt by people around the world but not in the sense Bush meant it. This is the first time we get such coverage of a war. It is like people are living the war. Seeing dead civilians, POWs, dead soldiers, Baghdad being wiped is affecting everyone. We are all glued to our TVs ant the internet, and just talk about the war. I can't seem to remember what I used to do with my free-time before the war began. Everyone seems to have mixed emotions. Conversations seem to run something like this:
"Saddam was wrong, Bush is should remove him. Bush was wrong. No UN. Saddam is standing up against the greatest power. The war should be done, but the poor souls..american and iraqi."
People just mumble.
I then see the protestors on TV around the globe. The Arab protestors get on my nerves. I feel that they are protesting for the wrong reasons. This is not an Islam vs. Christian war. This is not a Western vs. Eastern war. Yes someone should stand up against the US once in a while. It is a shame though that the only person who did stand up against the US is a dictator. If that person was not Saddam, and not a dictator then I maybe would have supported him. Yet, with my knowledge of Saddam's past. With my knowledge of Saddam's crimes, I cannot support him. Saddam simply being alive is a crime. Saddam has controlled the lives of millions of people. He has massacred hundreds of thousands of people. I am still talking about Iraq itself and not the other wars he has had.
I prefer remaining in the neutral zone. I just hope that the outcome of this war will at least have some good in it.

posted by Rampurple | 10:32 AM

Now to some News

I know this is all old stuff for you guys, but I never had time to post this news yesterday:

- A chopper crashed in South Iraq killing 3.
- An Egyptian man driving a pick up crashed into an Army Base in Northern Kuwait injuring 10 to 15 soldiers.
- Airstrikes continue on Baghdad.
- Rumsfeld denies operations will freeze.

Oh, and by the way, did you guys notice Vause was wearing a purple shirt last night. I gave him my rampurple email address...so is that a sign?

posted by Rampurple | 10:02 AM

Calmness After A Storm

There isn't much news recently. More like "same old, same old."

I was reading the shout outs. You guys make me laugh (in a good way). Yes, I am female, in my early twenties living in Kuwait. You all are free to believe me or not. Rosana, it is up to you to decide whether I am reliable or not, that is what other journalists did. Use your instinct and your intelligence. Zx is right. qHate did not start as a warblog (and sure Zx lunch will be great, bring John). Rosana, qHate does not just sound like Kuwait, if you look on top now, you can see love and hate for Kuwait. This is where the name qHate came from. (Correct me if I am wrong TImbuktu). John is right, Vause and Wolf know we exist. We stalk them remember? Anyways, at the end of the day it is up to you guys.

posted by Rampurple | 9:57 AM

Sunday, March 30, 2003  

What A Day!
I must have lived the longest day ever.

This morning I went to the 3 major hotels the press are staying at for work. I used this as an excuse to get to John Vause. I reached the hotel he was at, conducted my business. I decided to play it smart and not do what John did with Wolf. Instead I left him a note. I doubt he will contact me but hey there's nothing wrong with hoping!

Later on in the afternoon, we got news in the office that my boss got injured. He is in Iraq corresponding. I still don't know the details about that. All I know is that he is returning to Kuwait. I hope he is fine.

posted by Rampurple | 9:28 PM


If you have not seen the leaflets that have been thrown into Iraq by US forces you can see them here!

posted by Rampurple | 9:13 PM
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