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Saturday, April 19, 2003  

US Marines Turn Return To The Stone Age

US Marines have apparently been hunting down gazelles to eat. Are they allowed to do so? I was not even aware that Iraq had gazelles running loose.

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Friday, April 18, 2003  

The Day the Laughter Died

Sniff. If this is remotely true, then it is a sad day. Al-Sahaf, we hardly knew you.

I was also amused to find out that his son lives in the same city I do.

It would be great if he ended up being my clinical examiner on the finals: "Your proposed management protocol for this patient is a LIE! ALL LIES!!"

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Thursday, April 17, 2003  

Views on Bashar

Ok, ok, I know I bored you guys today with all the articles but I have had a few hours to waste. This following article is from Slate.

Already some hawks are pointing to the tantalizing parallels between Saddam's Iraq and Assad's Syria. Weapons of mass destruction? Check. Support for terrorism? Check. Repressive domestic intelligence services? Check. The comparisons go further: Both countries were ruled by tyrannical men who are not members of the ethnic majority. (Saddam was a Sunni who ruled over a largely Shiite country, and Assad is an Alawite who rules over a Sunni majority.) To top things off, Syria even has a Baath Party and a Republican Guard. No one expects war anytime soon, but Assad's stupidity has put the subject on the table.

Syria's weapons of mass destruction? Where?

Support for terrorism? erm... in the paragraph before: It cooperated in the war against al-Qaida, sharing the intelligence it gained from interrogations of Muhammad Haydar Zammar, the man suspected of recruiting Mohamed Atta to carry out the 9/11 attacks. In addition, Syria supported the Saudi plan for peace with Israel. And it may not sound like much, but Assad denounced the 9/11 attacks, while Saddam (less smartly) praised them. So again, support for terrorism?

Ethnic Majority? Would you like me to list some more countries whose leaders are not members of the ethnic majority?

Baath Party and Republican Guard? I am not 100% sure about this, but to my knowledge the Syrian Baath party is different from the Iraqi Baath party.

Also, Syria and Iraq were never on good terms before this war.

I believe that Chris Sullentrop, author of this article, needs to find a new job.

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Kagan is more blunt.

"People worry a lot about how the Arab street is going to react," he notes. "Well, I see that the Arab street has gotten very, very quiet since we started blowing things up."
Bush's goal in Iraq

If the US thinks the Arab streets are quiet because the people are scared, then they are wrong. They fought a country where the people hated their leader. Hated the system and the government. They love their land though. Would the US have won if they fought a country where people love their land, government, and leader? Ofcourse not. Even if that Arab state cannot defeat the US with their military, the people will fight for their country.

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Embedded Photographer: "I Saw Marines Kill Civilians"

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The Deal

Here is an article that caught my attention. Really don't know what to think of it yet.

How Bush And Rumsfeld Traded American $, Citizenship And Residency In The US For The Capitulation Of Baghdad.

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Powell is to going to visit Syria soon. I am sure Syria does not want to meet all the US demands. I think the US should not be threatning Syria. There is enough tension in the area as is. I also believe a war on Syria is highly unlikely. The Iraqis were unhappy with Saddam. The Syrians are not unhappy with Bashar Al Assad. Iraq supposedly has WMD (still not found). Syria does not (So they claim). If the US believes that Syria does have WMD then they should approach the UN. Maybe I should remind the US of countries such as N.Korea, Israel, and Russia, and it's neighboring country Cuba.

Don't get me wrong, a war on Syria would have several advantages and disadvantages in the area. Even if there are more advantages, I would not promote a war on Syria. Also, it would not be a cake walk. I also believe that a war on Syria would create an uproar in the Arab world. A majority of people in Lebanon, for instance, would love to see the UN resolution 520 that was set in 1982 to be met. This UN resolution calls for the removal of non-Lebanese forces from Lebanon. Including Israel and Syria. I completely doubt however that these people will enjoy seeing Syria being attacked. I therefore, ask the US to think deeply about the issue of Syria.

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The world is full of opinions. A person cannot meet eye to eye with everyone's opinions. I have been attacked for my thoughts. I tell those people, if you do not like the way I think, don't just point fingers. Challenge me. Tell me why you disagree. Give me facts and figures proving me I am wrong. You might be able to convince me, I might be able to convince you. My thoughts have come from things I have read, seen, or experienced. I cannot think differently if I have not seen differently. So, enlighten me.

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Wednesday, April 16, 2003  

Did He Have a Fluffer?

Seems Saddam is not your average dictator, he seems to be also star of Gay Porn .

I am not sure what to make of this, since it changes how I see him now, before he was just an angry man bent on controlling the world, now I see him as a young man crying in a pillow.

posted by nibaq | 8:03 PM

Sex, Drugs, and Alcohol

According to Canoe Uday, Saddam's oldest son was into sex, drugs and alcohol. They found over a million dollars worth of alcohol in his palace. Pictures of women on his walls, including the Bush twins (GW's daughters).

Why do people find this weird? Can you honestly tell me there aren't any millionaires in the US who have a huge alcohol collection, private pool, on drugs, and into sex?
Lets refresh your memory of a few characters.

Sex: Ex-President Clinton, Prince Charles (England but is royalty), several singers....some gay.
Drugs: Shall we start naming the people who died of over doses or people being caught now, or rapping about it?
Alcohol: The whole wide world.

Its annoying to see that the media is trying to make the Hussein family look bad with this stuff. We already know they are bad. I don't care to hear about their private lives.

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Tuesday, April 15, 2003  


Museums have been looted. You all know that.

Iraq has a great history. The stuff in the museum is history. It is a shame that they could be taken so easily. I wonder on which streets can they be found. I would love to buy them all and place them back. I remember when people used to steal from churches in Russia and Armenia and sell them in the streets of Beirut 12 years ago. In Beirut, you can find more things in people's homes and on the streets than you can find in the museum. Does anyone know about the Kuwaiti museum? I am sure stuff got stolen during the invasion as well.

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I hate that the topic of religion was opened..... yet it is essential. For centuries religion has been a cause of some major wars. People have turned their backs to religion as a result. That should not be done. It is people who use religion as an excuse. People adapt religion according to their benefits. No religion tells man to hate others. All religions are full of love. No religion tells the Shiite community in Iraq to fight each other. No religion tells the Muslims to kills the Christians or vice versa. No religion tolerates rape. Do not put the blame in the whole Middle East issue on religion. It is the mentality of the people in the region. It saddens me to say this but we, as Arabs, put ourselves in this situation. For decades we had struggled to be independent. Once independent, we struggled for power. We fought amongst ourselves for power. The same is happening in Iraq. The people got their liberation but who will be in power? Each sect wants to be represented. It is essential. I always believed that religion should be seperated from politics, but they will have to be involved in Iraq.

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Monday, April 14, 2003  

We Miss You Al Sahhaf

This man should be given some sort of award for entertaining the world. I found this page dedicated to him. Available on this page are his famous quotes. Check it out.

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A Few Thoughts

First, I am glad the 7 American POWs were found. It was a relief seeing their faces while being walked out. A huge difference the previous footage we saw of them. I now really hope the Kuwaiti POWs be found. Some people prefer avoiding this topic because it causes them pain. There are over 600 Kuwaiti POWs in Iraq and have been missing for 12 years. For their families sake I hope closure is met. The families have the right to know where the POWs are.

Yesterday on CNN, there was a woman wailing in the streets of Baghdad. She said armed men came into her house and raped her daughter. I have also heard that armed men went into a mental institution and raped female patients there. Nurses in one hospital got out their weapons and stood at the entrance of a hospital not allowing people to enter to loot or rape. This saddens me. This also reminds me of stories that occured here in Kuwait during the invasion. Iraqis entered some homes and raped women. What annoys me is that people tell me "relax, this is normal...there is a war going on." I cannot believe that people will act like this. War or no war. How can men just pick up their weapons and go rape women? Just because there is no law? This cannot be human nature. What happened to morality and ethics? What happened to religion? I find this all hard to swallow in.

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Sunday, April 13, 2003  

Thumbs Up

Gibran Tueni is one of the few Arab politicians/columnist whom I admire. Below are two article written about 2 of his recent columns. One on Iraq after Saddam, and the other about Kuwait's involvement.


Sorry if you were not able to shout out earlier, there was a problem with blogger...again.

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Who is Ahmad Chalabi

A profile I got from BBC.

An interview in Time Magazine.

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Eat This!!

Saddam's latest entry:

The looting and rioting is continuing unabated in Baghdad. You'd think we just won the NBA championship or something.....

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.... back to the media

Why does everyone keep bashing the Arab media? Why can't anyone say anything good? On Mbc (Middle East Broadcast Corporation), they showed Iraqis celebrating in England. Al Arabiya showed Iraqis celebrating. So did LBC. Arab media is not only showing the looting. It is in fact showing the reality of what is going on in Iraq and the world itself. I am sick of hearing crap about the Arab media whether it is on CNN or from ignorant people on the street.

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