Decided to do some research on chemical weapons since I have been hearing about what to do, but not how they work and how long do they last in where they landed.

 So this is what I found out:

 If you start experiencing these symptoms:

 Ask yourself did you hear any loud noises or pops; are other people reacting the same way. Is there an odor of new mown hay, green corn, something fruity, or camphor?

 If this is yes. Then CALMLY, if you panic you breathe in more of the chemical and it reacts faster.  So leave the area and head up wind from the place.

 FRESH AIR is the best "right now antidote". If you have a blob of liquid that looks like molasses or syrup on you; blot it or scrape it off and away from yourself with anything disposable.

 Remember the agents have to do all the work, they have to get the concentration up and keep it up for several minutes while all you have to do is quit getting it on you and quit breathing it by putting space between you and the attack. Blood agents are cyanide or arsine which affects your blood's ability to provide oxygen to your tissue.

Different type of agents: