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Saturday, March 29, 2003  

Update on John Vause

I know some of you find this unrelated news, but I also do know some of you are enjoying this. John Vause makes me look forward to the news. 11pm every night he appears on TV so cute, so smart, so.......mmmmmmm.

I just spoke to John (Qhate John). Got the address of the hotel where John Vause is staying at. I wish I was as lucky as Zaydoun. He already met John Vause. Zaydoun....think you might help introducing us?

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We Want Peace
Thanks to Zaydoun, I downloaded Lenny Kravitz's song "We Want Peace." Kazem Al Saher (Iraqi singer), Simon Shaheen (Palestenian strings musician), and Jamey Hadded (Lebanese Percussionist) contributed to the song. I would expect better lyrics from Kravitz but the message is clear. I think the song is catchy.

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1. The reason the sirens were heard a few hours ago it because a missile entered Kuwait's air space but got intercepted by a patriot. Job well done to the Patriots!

2. The missile that hit Sharq Market: Chinese? Russian? American?

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Shout Out Awards

I was just reading the comments made in the shout outs. I decided to give out prizes 3 of the commentators.

The award goes to Zx, Win, and Maddas (How did you get the energy to keep on saying Saddam is dead?)

You all win a weekend stay at Al Rashed Hotel in Baghdad. Fireworks complimentary of the US Air Force. Enjoy!

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Sirens were heard in Kuwait approximately 10 minutes ago. I had missed the sound of them. Still no news to why they went on.

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Updated Language
With terms changing daily, here is a humorous look at our new vocabulary!

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Pictures of Souk Sharq

Here are pictures of the location that got hit in Kuwait.

For video footage visit Reuters

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I have been visiting Saddam's Cyber Palace frequently. I always look forward to how "Saddam" will humorosly comment on the latest changes in the region. Y'all got to check it out. He really knows how to change something serious to amusement. Jay Leno watch out! (Maybe you can use some of his stuff for your monologue)

Here is what "Saddam" had to say about today's missile strike in Kuwait:

"Good news and bad news: The good news is that one of my missiles got through to Kuwait City and hit a shopping mall. The bad news is that I was aiming for the Target.... Get it? Aiming for the Target!! HA, HA, HA.
Who says brutal despots can't have a sense of humor?"

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I completely understand, not approve, the protestors around the world. Most protest in front of Embassies or important places such as those. In Tripoli, Lebanon, protestors were storming in front of KFC! If I am not mistaken, this is the same KFC that got bombed last year. It seems to me that Tripoli has different views than the rest of Lebanon. Most Lebanese are against the war but they it is only in Tripoli that you hear of American fast food places being targeted.
For more news about protests in the Middle East read Naharnet.

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Syrian President to Visit Russia
Bashar Asaad thinks the US can with no doubt conquer Iraq but will never be able to control it. Bashar will soon visit Russia for the first time since he became president almost 3 years ago.

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Update on Souk Sharq
2 injuries have been reported as a result of the explosion in Souk Sharq, Kuwait. An Egyptian man and a Kuwaiti man.

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Thank You
I just finished reading my mails. I want to thank all of you for your concern. As you can see I am safe. The explosion wasn't near me, and like I previously mentioned, I heard the explosion then I dozed off to sleep *^_^* So no worries.

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4 to 6 day pause
US commanders have ordered a 4 to 6 day pause. How does this work? Are there any rules? Does this mean the coalition forces are facing problems?

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Joke of the day

Whats an Iraqi regime?....


posted by nibaq | 9:13 AM

I heard the explosion. I was going to sleep. There were no sirens. I thought I was silly to think it might be an explosion. Went to sleep. Planes were heard before the explosion.

Just woke up. 6 sms from people informing me an explosion occured in Kuwait. Only one of them is in Kuwait.

I think Kuwait's weak point in known now. Hit low and from the Northeast.

Shit! I don't know what to say. I heard the explosion and returned to sleep!!!

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More Updates

Seems that the missile that was fired to Kuwait, was a Silkworm missile. This missile flys low altitude, compared to other missiles. This makes it harder for Patriots to locate and track. Hence why they they didn't intercept it.

Some reports have said that Patriots did intercept them, but from I understand when that does happen you hear two explostions. People in Kuwait just heard one big explosion.

This goes with what I stated that it was sent from near Iran, and flew over the sea.

Boston Globe
Yahoo News

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Supposedly the missile was fired from not southern Iraq, but from south east Iraq, near the Iranian border. Thats why the radars and patriots didn't catch it, since they weren't expecting missiles from that area.

The explosion was felt in Hawali which is 7-10 minutes drive from Souk Sharq.

It could have come down in the water, and what hit the mall was the remains of the missile. Since There was no crater at the mall.

posted by nibaq | 3:52 AM

Points on the Explosion

Explosion in Kuwait
Souk Sharq; Mall near Kuwait City, on the water front.
No Injuries.
Sirens were not activated.

This was a missile, it was aimed at Kuwait City, and not the US troops in the norther border of Kuwait.

This changes everything for Kuwaitis now, for they finally got hit.

posted by nibaq | 2:49 AM

Explosion in Kuwait

Explosion in Kuwait, we are still not sure if it was from a missile that has been fired, not details on that. Seems it could have been a bomb.

The explosion happened in the mall called Souk Sharq. According to TV media it hit the cinema that is located in the mall. The mall is located near Kuwait City, and on the water front.

Reports from Kuwait that it was felt like an earthquake, and that the sirens didnÕt go off.

Something tells me this is the remains from the missile that Iraq fired and that the Patriot hit. Since they state the missile landed in the ocean, and from what I see on TV it was scattered around the mall area.

posted by nibaq | 2:36 AM

More Missiles

Well seem the US missed. More missiles were fired into Kuwait. From areas which are supposedly under control by the allied forces.

According to the article from the Daily Record. That this was the 13 missile fired in to Kuwait since the war started, and this was the closest to residential areas in Kuwait.

Yet according to the Xinhua News Agency stated they fired at least 12 missiles into Kuwait.

What is interesting Kuwait demands a UN inquiry on these attacks stating that out of the missiles that have been fired, they claim 11 at least one was a scud missile. Since Kuwait is stating that one of the missiles fired longer than the UN ranged set on what missiles Iraq can still have.

I really would like to know how many missiles have been fired, and how can the UN allow Iraq to have any missiles at all. Is there some sort of NRA type heavy arms lobby group in the UN?

My main fear is that Iraq is holding all the arms they been hiding from the UN and just waiting to release them, but when that happens the whole world will know they are liars and the US has been right all along and will change the whole outlook of the war.

It really is a mixed bag, knowing that the US was right, but then having to face the aftermath of those chemicals/biological weapons. Though I donÕt think it matters who is right or wrong anymore the war has started and it is not going to finish any time soon.

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Friday, March 28, 2003  

Bunker Buster Busted
According to the German Architect of one of Saddam's bunkers, Bunnker Busters are useless. The bunkers might even survive an atomic bomb!


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John Vause
Ok, Ok I know this has nothing to do with the war, but John keeps appearing on CNN so this still is related news. I find him soooo cute. I think the picture in the link below doesn't do him good. Do you guys suggest I go his hotel like John previously went to Wolf?

John Vause Profile

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Syrian Interference
In his current press briefings, U.S. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld addressed the government of Syria and informed them that the US considers such shipments of military gear including night vision equipment hostile acts.

Is Syria going to interfere in this war? Is the US capable of "taking care" of Syria and Iraq?

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Has the US or Britain been criticized so much before?
I was watching CNN and they were showing a protest in Amman, Jordan.
When an old man was asked why he supports Saddam Hussein, his reponse was," What wrong did saddam do? coz he said no to America? coz he said no to england?"

It seems like for some people, it is a matter of Saddam standing up to the US. This is something other Arab leaders seem scared to do.

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There are a few things I am confused about. Again, please correct me if I am wrong.
The coalition forces is made up of 250 000 troops. True?
I was told that the Iraqi Army in Baghdad make up a total of 500 000 not counting the 30 000 Fedaeyen (loyalists) and also not counting the Republic Army.
Do the coalition force have magic power of some sort? They will have to fight off all those Iraqis as well as civilians who decide to join in the fight as well. I really wish I knew what the strategy was. This is what I am looking forward to see. What will happen in Baghdad?
I really hope that things don't turn out too ugly.

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Kuwait Today

Thursday and Fridays are the weekend in Kuwait. There is a huge difference between Kuwait this weekend and last weekend. Last weekend, barely anyone left their homes unless they really needed to get something, and they were all glued to their TV sets. Even the sirens used to scare people.

Last night, I went to a friends house to play some cards. We were around 15 people in the house. The TV was tuned in to the news but no one was really watching. There were so many different types of conversations going on at once. When the sirens are heard now people could really care less. It is more like "oh, there it goes again!"

I went out for lunch today. The restaurant was quite full and you can see the people on the streets again. I later went to the mall. I swear it is like there is no war going on. Everyone is back to their normal lives. People who had fled Kuwait last week are starting to return as well.

I really don't know if this a healthy sign in Kuwait or if we are in denial.

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Lt. General John Abizaid

I was reading this old article at CNN. It is a brief history of John Abi Zaid and maybe some future plans as well for him.

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No Coverage

Just saw this one Slashdot it talks about how a US Congressman Darrel Issa, who surprisingly is from the same district as Qualcomm. Wants the Pentagon to us CDMA over GSM, when USAID builds Iraq's mobile service network. Stating that it would give money to US companies, when GSM would go to companies and patents based in Europe.

I know this won't happen since that whole region is GSM. I can bet that even the mobile companies of the countries that surround Iraq have already started building towers on their borders for coverage into Iraq once this is all over.

Issa is just helping out his district which is a good thing, but come on; already choosing something that wonÕt work? I am just waiting for the bill that will stated only American companies can sell medication and food to Iraq, and so forth. They are people starving and being bombed, letÕs feed and shelter them first.

Operation Iraqi Freedom hasnÕt even finished getting rid of SaddamÕs regime and replace it with a puppet regime, and they are already working on their puppet cell company.

posted by nibaq | 8:09 AM

Weather Report
I just peeked a look out my window. The skies have cleared up. I dont see much dust, and no rain. It is a bit chilly though. Approximately 17 degrees Celsius at this moment. Hope the soldiers are all snugged up nice and warm.

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Just wanted to say we added a comment system thanks to The Klink Family with their BlogOut system.

Just been getting emails on certain topics we post here, so this allows people to share their views and thoughts.

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Bring Out the Catapults

Rumsfiled is hinting a siege on Baghdad. He is just going all out stating that they aren't going to want a cease fire, and "would accept nothing short of total victory in Iraq."

Iraq has been bombed to the stone age, and know we are going to bring back old tactics of a siege. I thought military was beyond a basic siege. The last major siege I recall as back in WWII.

This siege I can feel is going to be different in terms of what will happen in Baghdad. Since they must believe Saddam is still there, and that just placing all those troops around the city will make the people living in Baghdad pretty much go a bit stir crazy and may even rise up against the regime.

I just wonder how long this will take with the Republican Guards positioned around Baghdad especially with US still waiting on more troops coming in from Germany and the US to help in this effort.

Yahoo News

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A Word To The Lebanese
It is driving me crazy the way Lebanese people are striking in the streets of Lebanon with hatred targeted at Kuwait. Here is a few things I would like to tell them:

1. Hizbuallah, Hizb Amal, Qawmiye and all the rest of you.... you should be the last people on the streets. Saddam Hussein in the 80s financed the political groups that fought against you.

2. Kuwait, who in the last few days, you had targeted so much hatred towards, has been sending you billion of dollars at a time, to support Lebanon's restoration.

3. This war is not about religion. It is not Christian against Muslim. I am sick of hearing people say it is the Americans against Muslims, and having the need to call for a Jihad.

4. I suggest you all go hit the history books. I also suggest that if you are not in support of the war, then just be neutral. Its not always for or against.

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Thursday, March 27, 2003  

No More Sirens...?

Just saw on CNN that the US Airforce bombed the missle launcher that has been sending missles in to Kuwait for the past week.

BJPrice emailed us stating that a Japan paper stated that 38 missle were fired into Kuwait.

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Missiles Over Kuwait City
I was just told that the sirens we had heard before is because two missiles had entered Kuwait space. Both were intercepted by patriots. One over Kuwait City!!!

posted by Rampurple | 1:03 PM

A week since this war has started. Sirens are blasting.

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Easy Escape
Reading this, it did not really shock me that Iraqis are going back to Iraq to fight but how easy an Iraqi leader can escape. Look at how foreign minister Sabri escaped. Saddam can do the same. I suggest he dye his hair grey, shave off his moustache, put on some traditional clothing, get in a cab and go to Syria.

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Arabs Boycotting
I was reading about Arabs boycotting American food. It mentions how sales have dropped at fast food places in the Arab world. I personally think that the reason sales have dropped, is not because Arabs are boycotting. I would think that it is because they know these places are targeted for physical attacks. The people fear their lives. I know this sounds foolish but I really think it is true. I heard a lady say the other day that she is not taking her kids to Mc Donalds or Burger King fearing something might happen. I, myself, went to Mc Donalds 2 days ago but I remember thinking for a second that Mc Donalds could be targeted.

I would think that Arabs boycotting American products would be the most foolish thing. I remember a year ago exactly, in Lebanon, a campaign to boycott American and ÒJewÓ products. This arose in support of Palestine. This campaign was a complete failure. Let me tell you why: Students from the American University of Beirut, were standing in front of their campus, wearing LeviÕs jeans and more foreign brand names, handing out leaflets about which products people should not buy. How can such kids convince me not to buy these products when I see them in an American University, and dressed like westerners as well.

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I think this Brit should have ran off to some casino after he got shot in the head 4 times and is still alive. What luck!

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Book Recommendation

Talking to a friend earlier reminded me of this book I read, The Aardvark is Ready for War. This book is written around the First Gulf War (hate saying that). Just how the media and the war changed the world and just capture the whole war in a Navy ship from San Diego to Kuwait from a sailors perspective.

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Wednesday, March 26, 2003  

First Siren Today
Its exactly 8pm and the sirens are blasting.

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Join the Fun

Just my take on RAM's questions.

I donÕt think there is really hatred in these protests. Ok I am sure you have a handful of people that started it and have reason for their hate. Yet you got the majority who are just there for a show and really donÕt know what is going on, they were just told to come.

Like most demonstrations a lot of the people there are just there for the kicks and really donÕt know what the reason for the demonstration is or the purpose of it. They will go join in the chanting and hold up banners and signs.

Though I think most of these demonstrations are influenced by flag makers. They must make good money during these events, everyone burns a flag. I am sure the flag maker doesnÕt have them in stock so he will charge a premium price to make one.

Last but not least is the wonderful media; you canÕt show viewers a peaceful protest. TheyÕd rather show one with fire!

posted by nibaq | 4:44 PM

Chemical Ali Alive
Earlier reports had claimed that Chemical Ali was killed during the strikes on Baghdad on the first day. This report in the Telegraph says that Chemical Ali ordered a leading Shi'ite politician to be executed. This war started a week ago, and it seems like none of the people on the "wanted list" have been caught or killed.

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Hatred Aimed at the US
I was reading a shout out by an american at Zaydouns' blogspot:

"Well, its funny. Being an American all I ever get to see of the middle east are street demonstrations, where the people burn the american flag, and call us infidels or the great satan.

If anyone could explain this hatred to me I would really appreciate it."

I don't think this is an easy question to answer. I was wondering what all of you think. Let me know.

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Patriots Going Nuts
It seems like a Patriot was going to take down another "friendly" aircraft. Seems to be a software glitch. Check out full article in Washington Post

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The weather in Kuwait has been crazy the last two days. Yesterday it was raining like crazy and it was so windy that I felt that my window was going to fly off. I think the storm came from the west. I know it has been raining for days in Lebanon. Today there's a dust storm. This I believe came from the North since Iraq was experiencing a major dust storm yesterday.
Because of the storm last night, our satellite stopped receiving anything leaving me without news and internet connection. I still haven't checked out the news today. It feels weird staying away from the television set but i am trying to fight an addiction. The last few days, I had neglected my work and my life and was glued to the TV and the internet checking out the news. All I know today is that Sahaf has denied an uprising in Basra. This could be old news as well. I hate the fact that the media is not covering everything at the moment. We already had problems with lies when the media was covering everything.

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They Have the Receipt

This is from a Bill Hicks album, donÕt recall which one but it was about the first Gulf War:

"We live in a dangerous world" says George Bush. [sr]
Yeah, thanks to you, you fucker.
"Iraq has incredible weapons"
How do you know?
"Well, er.....we looked at the receipt"

This link details the meetings between the US and Saddam Hussein during the 1980s. Donald Rumsfield had 2 meetings with Saddam Hussein in Baghdad; helping and supporting their conflict with Iran

One interesting thing that popped that in 1984 Iran wanted the Security Council to condemn IraqÕs use of chemical weapons. Iraq requested to the US to ask for a lower level response and not to name which country was connected to the chemical weapons. And Iraq got what they wanted with a mere hand slap.

The US have their list of stuff they sold/gave to Iraq and the list of things they bombed and the UN inspectors found, and just noticed things that havenÕt been crossed of from their list of things they know Iraq has. The US wont be stopping till they get everything accounted for or destoryed.

posted by nibaq | 8:28 AM

Kuwait Stands Alone

Kuwait stands alone in the Arab League meeting in calling for the UN to demand a complete withdrawal of the US and British forces in Iraq. The leagues vote also has Russia's backing on it.

Seems Libya was the main writers of this resolution, and that Kuwait wanted it to state that Iraq was firing missiles in to Kuwait.

It was also shown on TV, Libyan protestors taking down the Kuwait embassy's flag in Tripoli burning it and trying to replacing it with an Iraqi one.

Kind of interesting how all these countries voted on this. I want to know how many of them are doing it for they really want the US out or that it just to appease their people.

The US is saying think about how it would be after Saddam, and the new change in the region that will occur. I think those leaders have thought about it and think which one of them will be next after Saddam. Since the Saddam regime is not far off from some other ones in the region.

How long has Hussini Mubarak of Egypt been ÒpresidentÓ in their democracy system? Hell all the leaders in the region are either sons of the former dictator (Jordan, Syria) or the dictator in power has his kids in charge of major parts of the government (Egypt)

Big changes are coming after Iraq either by words, or swords.
Utusan Malaysia

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Combat Dolphins
Dear Saddam,

Do you know anything about the mating rituals of dolphins?

You should.



Get those Sinatra tapes out. They go crazy over that.

posted by Oilrig | 2:39 AM

Tuesday, March 25, 2003  

Demonstration in Kuwait
There was a peaceful demonstration on the Gulf Road in Kuwait this afternoon. This demonstration differs from all protests done around the globe this week. The people of Kuwait were demonstrating against the countries who are standing against Kuwait and attacking Kuwait for supporting the allies and allowing them to use their land and air space. By attack, I mean criticise.

posted by Rampurple | 9:41 PM

Uprising in Basra
According to Fox and Kuwait television an uprising is occuring as we speak in Basra against Saddam's regime. Could it be? I have not seen any footage myself. Seems like journalists have more strict rules now.

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Gotham chick sent me this article from the washington post and asked me to fisk it. Here goes:

1. When Saddam made his appearance on TV yesterday, I said that it wasn't old. I also mentioned that the Iraqis are not stupid enough to play an old tape which includes a name of someone who has surrendered. According to this article, I can now say: I rest my case.

2. Also, if you do look at earlier posts I did mention that a lot of lies are being said and I don't know who to believe anymore. Like this article has mentioned, the US central command had claimed that Al-Hasheemi had surrendered to them. Al-Hasheemi was on Al Jazeera yesterday and claimed he is still fighting in Basra. (Wonder who was lying? hmmm)

3. I also mentioned the white sheet behind Saddam before as well as questioned whether Uday is alive or not.

4. Now, about Iraq's strategy in this war, its seems like they are leaving the allied troops in "shock and awe." They have placed the republican army with the regular army units so that no one can surrender or even say a word against Saddam. I am not suprised about that. They have ambushed allied troops several times by acting like they are surrendering then attack them. One story I heard is about a village that welcomed the allies in the morning, and drank water and food given to them by the allies. Then around 7pm they attacked the allies who by that time, were in the village surrounded by them and feeling a bit more at ease.

5. I will shut up now because I am starting to sound like a political analyst now and I don't like that!

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The Light Side

This just got sent to me. Enjoy!

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If any of you are superstitious I thought you would like this. I wanted to check if Nostradamus did predict this war. Here is what i have found : Mabus and Colin Powell and More

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Sirens started a minute ago. First one heard today.

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Here are some more info on previous posts that people have submited.

More on Uday's Olympic "Training" Methodsfrom ESPN. From CollinM

BJ sent one on US stockpiles on medicine and supplies for Iraqis once it is safe from ABC. From BJ

Here is on Military control of media in Desert Storm From Suzan

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N.Korea Next?
Poeple are worrying that WW3 will start. Others believe that the US will go ahead attacking "terrorism" one country at a time. N.Korea is buffing up it's defense. abc news

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Arabic translation
I have been using the internet to translate text from Arabic to English or vice versa. Well, today I needed to translate some stuff from Arabic to English but most of the Arabic to English websites don't seem to be working. As for ajeeb, you have to subsrcribe to it now. Is there a connection between this issue and the war, or am i just jumping to conclusions here?

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Iraq's All Star Team
I have been told that some of you would like more information about Saddam's Inner Circle. Hope these profiles will help. What amazes me is the defense minister (remember him? the guy who was holding a gun during the press conference).

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These guys saw a missile going down near Fahaheel in Kuwait last Thursday. Missile Over Dinner

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Oldie but a Goodie
This is for all you animal lovers.

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Place Your Bets
While reading the news today I found this interesting article about people gambling on Saddam's Fate.

posted by Rampurple | 9:41 AM

Things have been crazy today. I would like to concentrate on how i have been feeling.
With yesterdays news, Saddam and Tarek Aziz appearing today, missiles flying all over Kuwait, pictures of casualties, I felt nervous for a while.

I lost count how many times we have heard the sirens today. I think 6. I have mentioned before that I don't believe the news when it comes to missiles hitting Kuwait. So, when I do hear the sirens I am not thinking "damn this is annoying!" instead I get a jumpy feeling for a second, and then act like nothing is happening. I was in a meeting today when the sirens were heard at 1:30. I smiled at my client and he smiled back. We continued the meeting. The All Clear was heard. Less than a minute later, the siren goes on again. Here I was thinking "huh? what's going on?" I felt the client get uneasy as well. So, we got up and went towards a TV. 5 minutes later, another danger siren is heard. 10 minutes after that another siren was heard. Yes, I did get nervous. I waited awhile before I went home. Later in the afternoon, sirens were heard again. This time I laughed. I am assuming this might be denial.

Streets in Kuwait is full of security. Officers at the check points are actually asking for IDs today. Units of the National Guard were cruising around in their humvees as well.

I talked to my friends about anything and everything except for the war. I did not watch the news for a few hours. I felt better. When I did switch on the TV there were pictures of casualties. Without realizing my eyes welled up. Quickly i switched channels. Out of sight, out of mind.

Sometimes I wish I was somewhere else on vacation. hmmmmmm the Bahamas would be nice.

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DJ Saddam

God help me, but this stupid ass thing made me laugh.

posted by Oilrig | 1:34 AM


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Monday, March 24, 2003  

Uday in Sports Illustrated
I just finished reading this article and I am speechless. Read it yourself. Sports Illustrated

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My Last Post Ever
This will be my last post ever. Although the Iraqi/US conflict is an important conflict, there is something more important that the media doesnt find important enough to cover.

Lebanon is currently being occupied by the Syrian army. The Syrian government is controlling our government. We have no real freedom or rights. The leader of the Lebanese Forces (my political party) Samir Geagea is in prison for no reason other then to try and shut us up. Why? Because we want a free Lebanon. An unoccupied Lebanon.

This site has taken away my attention from a greater cause. So before I leave I just would like everyone to check out the Lebanese Forces website. If you don't want to read you can check out the pictures quickly.

The freedom of lebanon lies with the freedom of Samir Geagea.

fighting for freedom

posted by Mark | 10:45 PM

Truth or Dare
It is being said that Saddam's speech was taped before the war started. Reasons: some of the commanders named by Saddam surrendered during the early hours of the war. Are the Iraqis that stupid??

posted by Rampurple | 10:30 PM

Today's sirens

One missile was intercepted by the patriots. 3 missiles hit the Gulf. 1 missile hit the sand.

That doesn't sound too good.

posted by Rampurple | 10:12 PM

Bomb squad detonated a package found in a car in Kuwait City.

posted by Rampurple | 9:50 PM

Iraqi Team
Tarek Aziz is having a news conference right now. It is being broadcasted live. He is claiming that Saddam is still in "full control." My question is dude where have you been hiding out? We haven't seen Tarek Aziz since the war started. I thought he was dead. Saddam also had his "historical" speech today. Vice President Taha also came out yesterday. Now that these guys are talking we don't seem to hear from Interior Minister Sahaf anymore, he used to humor me.

White House spokesman is also having a press conference. I really did not listen to the whole thing but here's what caught my attention: Bush is not really watch TV or rarely does. Bush has not seen the pictures of the POWs because American media did not show them and Al Jazeera decided not to show it anymore. Someone should give him our link. Also, Bush spoke to Russian President to discuss the Iraq situation. Earlier today Russian weapons were found in Iraq. Is Russia going to get involved as well?

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Bomb Threat
Security forces are investigating a bomb threat in downtown Kuwait City across the street from the Mariott hotel, formerly known as the Meridien Hotel.

posted by Rampurple | 9:27 PM

Where the fuck did you come from?
There is a U.S. Central Command Breifing taking place now and its being broadcasted on CNN. One reporter from the Abu Dubi television station just asked the Gen Tommy Franks a really cool straightforward question that everyone has been asking. The question went something like this:

"The Americans on the first day claimed they took control of Um Qasar. Then they claimed they took control of Nasariya and then Basra. But so far this has not turned out to be true. Are you practising the art of lying? Can you please tell us what do you have under your control?? Whats under your power??"

Really cool shit, Gen Franks looked at him and smiled briefly as if saying "where the fuck did you come from?" and then gave him an answer which said nothing...

posted by Mark | 5:37 PM

Crying Wolf
No this post is not related to Wolf Blitzer.
Today I noticed something, no one cares about the sirens anymore. So far we have had god knows how many sirens since the begining of the war and no explosions or disasters to go with it. Not that its a bad thing ofcourse but the sirens are just causing disturbance at the moment. I think the only time people got scared was the first time the sirens sounded last Thursday at around 12:30PM. Since then people just ignore them.

Maybe they should replace the anoying sirens with "Paint it Black" by the Rolling Stones. Then things might get interesting...

posted by Mark | 5:02 PM

Military Censoring the Media
Wondering why certain news organizations are late on telling you what happened? This email should explain things

Work is paralyzed at the coalition press-center in Kuwait. Journalists are
not able to get any information except for the hourly press communique
from the command. A variety of reasons are cited by the military to reduce
the number of trips into the combat zone for the journalists. All reports
coming from the journalists attached to the coalition units are now being
strictly censored by the military. All live broadcasts, as those seen
during the first day of the war, are now strictly prohibited by a special
order from the coalition command. The required time delay between the time
news video footage was shot and the time it can be broadcast has been
increased to a minimum of 4 hours

posted by nibaq | 4:55 PM

The all clear was heard 2 minutes ago and the sirens are on once again!!!

posted by Rampurple | 4:49 PM

During the last 15 hours sirens have been heard 6 times in Kuwait. We have been told that missiles are being shot to Kuwait and intercepted with Patriots. Why don't I believe that?

posted by Rampurple | 4:47 PM

Sirens Again!!!!

YES sirens are being heard again. What on Earth is going on??

posted by Rampurple | 4:42 PM

Demonstration Tomorrow in Kuwait
There will be demonstration tomorrow at 5PM on the Gulf Road. The demonstration will be against the countries that hate Kuwait. Don't ask...

posted by Mark | 4:17 PM

More Sirens
More sirens are blasted. Fox has confirmed one missile had headed to Kuwait. I doubt all these sirens are for one missile.

posted by Rampurple | 1:54 PM

Danger Zone
Someone just told me that they heard 4 missiles were flying on top of Kuwait. Also, a plane had crashed. I do not know if it is true.

posted by Rampurple | 1:53 PM

WTF? MORE sirens!!!
Just now after posting the previous post on the sirens coming on 20 minutes after the last one the siren blasted with the "all clear" signal. NOW the sirens just blasted again warning us the something is coming!! Tooooooo many sirens in such a short time period. Seems like something IS gonna happen.

posted by Mark | 1:47 PM

Click here to go to Al Jazeera's website its back online.
Video section seems to still be offline.
Audio section also seems to be offline.

posted by Mark | 1:42 PM

sirens AGAIN
This is the first time that 2 sirens go off so close to each other. 20 minutes ago a siren blasted and now another!!

posted by Mark | 1:37 PM

The Al Jazeera Issue
Seems Al Jazeera couldnt handle the heavy load of users that were accessing its site. First thing they did yesterday was they disallowed anyone from outside an arab nation to connect to the site. Then they removed all the video links on the site. And today the site is down is finally down. They are one of the very view news sites that actually has a live broadcast on the site itself and free videos for everyone to freely download. Here is a link to continuous streaming video from al-Jazeera (Windows Media, broadband needed).

update: Al Jazeera is back online

posted by Mark | 1:18 PM

Sirens Again
There are sirens being heard in Kuwait at the moment. I dont know why.

posted by Rampurple | 1:11 PM

Increased Security in Kuwait
Many people have been calling in and reporting that there is increased security on the streets of Kuwait and are not focused only on the main highways but also in the rural areas. Checkpoints are popping everywhere today. The inteligence agency here must have received a tip that something might be going down or else I don't see why this sudden increase in security. Only time will tell.

posted by Mark | 12:29 PM

Media War
Looking back to the past 5 days of war I have realized the following:
We, the public, have all expected a war. Some of us may have thought that the allies will not face such resistance. This war is a historic event. What is even more historic is the media war going on. This is the first time the public gets to see live footage of actual battles. OK great! Here is something greater: The media is not just western. CNN, FOX, SKY, MSNBC, and other stations are facing major competition from Arab network channels such as Abu Dhabi, Al Jazeera, and Al Arabiya. This has never happened before. During the last Gulf War we were only able to watch CNN or BBC for updates. Now, we have another perspective. I am not saying any of the Western or Arab media is objective. That is a fact we have to face. I am so proud of the work the Arab media is doing. Mostly, Abu Dhabi. I was expecting Al Jazeera and Al Arabiya to cover this war intensely, even MBC. Abu Dhabi has shocked me. I personally believe they are the best. The have the best footage, and have not taken extreme sides.

Good job guys!

posted by Rampurple | 12:24 PM

Syrian News
According to the Syrian News agency, a bus carrying 37 civilains, leaving Iraq, on it's way to Syria was hit by a US missile killing 5 and injuring others.

posted by Rampurple | 12:05 PM

People have already said this speech could be pre-war because Saddam made no references to accounts. Are you guys deaf? He gave the US a list of soliders commanding battles in Southern Iraq. He has mentioned Baghdad being bombed down and his people dying. He has mentioned the US facing resistance in the South. This speech might not be live but it certainly was taped sometime between yesterday and today. That is what counts. The reason there was a white sheet behind him and no background is so that we don't know where he is. Remember he is being hunted?

posted by Rampurple | 11:37 AM

Saddam Makes a Speech
Saddam just made his second speech since the was has started. Yes he is alive and does not seem to be injured.
Saddam announced that he is really proud of his people. He named a list of distinguished people who have participated in the war and have been victorious.
He says the allies will be defeated. Saddam also mentioned that they found an Israeli missile near Baghdad (Is he inviting Israel to war as well?)
He has encouraged his people to go o fighting. Saying it is God's will for Iraq to win and all martyrs will go to paradise.

posted by Rampurple | 11:30 AM

Saddam's Speech
Saddam just made a speech now calling on all Iraqis to attack the coalition forces with everything they have. Big weapons coming out now?

posted by Mark | 11:18 AM

Troops find hidden Iraqi cruise missiles
Kanzler sent us this story from the Guardian about the british troops stumbling open Iraqi hidden arsenel which included large ship mines, cruise missles, warheads and more. Umm.. UN inspectors?!!??
Click here for the story.

posted by Mark | 10:39 AM

I was reading this article on BBC about some Kuwaiti's perspective of the war and what they think.
Click Here

posted by Rampurple | 10:25 AM

Chemical Factory
The US forces are examinng a chemical factory so see if it manufactured chemical weapons. The UN were in Iraq for months, they didn't run into this factory?

posted by Rampurple | 10:12 AM

Arabic In, English Out
Wired News report that the Navy is working on a gadget that can instantly translate spoken Arabic into English. It's still a year away from being ready though, and so it won't be available for use during the current conflict.

From Gizmodo

posted by Mark | 8:58 AM

The Command Post??
Yesterday night I checked The Command Post and read that within an hour they were supposed to have moved to a new server under a new domain name and be up and running again. 6 hours later and the site still hasnt moved!! The Command Post we need you whats wrong??

UPDATE: Just got an email from Arkerix that you can now access Command Post on the new address http://www.command-post.org/

posted by Mark | 8:32 AM

What yesterdays siren meant
Yesterday I posted that the siren had sounded but that it wasn't the normal tone. Usually it would sound something like this: "toooooooooooooooooooooooooot toooooooooooooooooooooooooot toooooooooooooooooooooooooot etc.." while yesterday nights went like this "toooot toooot toooot toooot and on and on". When the danger is over the sirens come on and just go "tooooooooooooooooooooooooooo...." never ending tone.

This created a lot of confusion in Kuwait since the short quick tone was never heard before. So I just found out what the tones really mean.

Something is about this kuwait: "toooot toooot toooot..."
Something hit Kuwait: "toooooooooooooooot tooooooooooooooooot...."
Its save to come out now "tooooooooooooooooo..."

Basically yesterday for the first time since the war started the correct siren was blasted.

posted by Mark | 8:22 AM

It is 2:25 am in Kuwait at the moment. I sit here staring at the TV. I am not really paying attention anymore. My mind has been going round in circles tonight. I think I have overdosed from the news today. Since 9 am, I have been surrounded by news. If i am at a place where there is no TV i keep myself updated from the internet.
If i come to summarize today's events, I think there doesn't seem to be good news for the allies. They have been facing intense combat warfare, have missing soldiers, several casualties and dead. A patriot gunned down a RAF plane. A US soldier is being held suspect for last night's incident in Northern Kuwait.
Pictures of injured and dead people have been flooding the media.
I cannot help myself from thinking: What if the allies win this, what next? What if they don't win? How long with the war last? What will post war era be like? How would I be affected by all this?
I guess we have to be the generation to sacrifice so that the following generations have a better place to live in. I just really hope things wil be better as a result. I would like to believe that all those people risking their lives are doing so for a reason, and us, regular people, are sacrificing our eternal sense of security, for cloud nine.

posted by Rampurple | 2:40 AM

What just happened?
Were the Americans shooting down another British plane just now? :)

posted by Mark | 1:14 AM

The sirens came on but it sounded weird. Not the usual. CNN crew even stopped there broadcast and headed down to basement. Everyone is msging me asking what does this siren mean but i have no clue.....

posted by Mark | 1:07 AM

Sirens are heard in Kuwait right now! Is it possible another plane is being gunned down? It should be impossible for Iraq to send missiles here, isn't it?

posted by Rampurple | 1:06 AM

Whats going on

Marvin Gaye - Whats Going On

Seeing those pics just makes me question what is going on. Just the travesty and ugliness of war, and just the deaths on both ends that happen from it.

The thing that keeps me going on all this is that people day everyday, people die everyday under Saddam Hussien. It is horrific evil and I feel sorry for the people's family members on both sides of the conflict. Yet I believe that when this is all over, that even if the people get a 1% postive change in lifestyle after this "regiem change" is over. That is worth it.

Some can say this is a dellusional view of life and the conflict, but it what keeps me going.

I've seen the death that was caused from the previous war in the region. It is graphic, it is horrible, but it showed me what price you pay for war, and sometimes it is worth it.

So the US better fulfil their promises for the area and region and really prove that they have good intentions and really make a diffrence, or all this is not going to be worth the suffering that it has caused.

posted by nibaq | 12:54 AM

Streaming Al-Jazeera
Little Green Footballs has a link to continuous streaming video from al-Jazeera (Windows Media, broadband needed). Apparently, you don't have to wait long for the video of American POWs to show up, though I haven't seen it so far. Lots of video from Iraq, and interviews with Iraqi military.

Taken from the command post

posted by Mark | 12:34 AM

Apologies and Condolences
I truly know that this is meaningless at the moment but my condolences go to the families of all those who have died as a result of this war. I apologize for anyone who found out about a death through the means of media and not the proper way.

posted by Rampurple | 12:33 AM

Shock and Awe Video
Click here for the Al Jazeera bombings video.

ps: download the file and add it to your site but do not link directly to the file. Thanks.

posted by Mark | 12:16 AM


Click here to see the pictures of the US POWS. Be warned though that the pictures are graphic. I warned you. These are the pictures CNN wont show.

posted by Mark | 12:03 AM

Sunday, March 23, 2003  

The CNN Contradiction
Guess what! CNN just showed the video of the hostages.

posted by Mark | 11:47 PM

Jazeera Video Links
Some people reported problems connecting to the jazeera site. I think Jazeera doesn't allow non arab countries from connecting to there site... very strange..

posted by Mark | 11:35 PM

Friendly Fire
British network ITN believes its missing reporter was killed by friendly fire.

posted by Rampurple | 10:16 PM

Teachers & Kuwait
I came accross an article in the Arab Time (local paper) that said this:

A number of expatriate teachers told KUNA Sunday they see no need to leave the country and stressed they feel very secure and believe everything is fine and stressing Kuwait is "a safe haven."

I can personally say that thats bullshit. 99.9% of the American, Canadian, British, Irish and Australian teachers left Kuwait atleast a week before the war started.

Here is a link to the full article.

posted by Mark | 9:57 PM

Videos.. a lot of them
For those of you who are stuck watching CNN or for those of you who don't watch the news all the time then you can watch some videos of the current events from the Al Jazeera website. Al Jazeera is CNN's competition. When you get to the site its in arabic but the video clips located on the left side of the site have movie icons. Click on those links.
Click here to go to Al Jazeera

posted by Mark | 9:37 PM

CNN vs. Al Jazeera
Let me see if I got my information correct. Al Jazeera has footage of American POWs, CNN wanted this footage to air on it's station. Al Jazeera refuses. CNN talks to Rumsfeld. Al Jazeera and Iraq are going to be charged for war crimes because they aired this?
Well, if CNN was not going to air this footage then why did it want it? If they did air it then would all this even be discussed?
Click here for the BBC article

posted by Rampurple | 9:35 PM

Wolf Blitzer
Wolf is on CNN! He slept for 2 days and just woke up. CNN seem were not able to get rights for the video of the hostages so now Wolf is discussing this with Rumsfeld and suddenly now it seems that if a network broadcasts the video they are supporting Iraq in breaking the Geneva convention. Good job CNN, you got Rumsfeld to save your ass. I am hating CNN more and more everyday...

posted by Mark | 7:37 PM

Kodak Moment
Maybe not that good but atleast you will get to see kuwait a bit... here are pictures I took yesterday on my way to my friends house. As you can see things are starting to look normal.

Here are the pictures.

posted by Mark | 6:41 PM

Al Jazeera and other arab stations showed American soldiers captured in Iraq. The majority are from the 507th unit and entered Iraq from Kuwait. They were originall based in Texas. They seem terrified. A reporter from Iraq TV was asking them the questions about name/ age/ unit/ origin with very poor english. Some of them have some minor injuries.

posted by Rampurple | 6:35 PM

Stupid or what?
Why would Iraq want to fire missiles at Iran?
The US attacking from the South
Turkey is in the North
Iran from the East
All he needs to do is piss Israel off and he has a Royal Flush!

posted by Mark | 5:38 PM

50 casualties
US marines said to have suffered 50 casualties in Nasriya according to BBC

posted by Rampurple | 5:36 PM

From The Command Post
I thought this was interesting as well:
Tim Russert was showing footage of Iraq's defense minister with Rumsfeld watching. In the footage, you can hear a bomb go off.

Rumsfeld: We missed.

Russert: You said, "We missed."

Rumsfeld: Well obviously we missed. He's still standing.

Russert: Why is the defense ministry still standing so he can conduct briefings like this.

Rumsfeld (looking at Russert like he just grew horns): Because we haven't hit it, what's your point?

posted by Rampurple | 5:34 PM

Missile in Iran might have been Iraqi!!
Iran now claims that the missiles that landed on their soil might be Iraqi afterall ! This is hard to swallow in. I thought the differences between Iraqi and US missiles were quite different from each other and that it shouldn't take days to notice the difference.

Could you imagine what the air space is in the region? Misleading missiles from all directions, helicopters colliding together, planes dropping, pilots in parachutes, patriots missiles. This is sad yet a mock to society today.

posted by Rampurple | 5:25 PM

BBC has mentioned that at least one coalition pilot has been captured after ejecting. Have the allied forces lost count of their people? Who is actually setting up some Media drama?

posted by Rampurple | 5:18 PM

Movie Theaters Closed
The movie theaters in Kuwait are closed. I guess its for security reasons. I was supposed to get my Dual 1.25ghz Apple power mac today but my Apple dealer told me its stuck in customs and they are not open today. The mall where my office is in is totally empty. I guess not everything in Kuwait is back to normal...

posted by Mark | 4:04 PM

Iraq has stopped importing American products into Iraq 12 years ago. Interior Minister Sahaf has a new model GMC. huh?

posted by Rampurple | 3:27 PM

Me and my big mouth! Iraqi Vice President appeared on TV. He claims they have American POWs and will show them on TV soon.

posted by Rampurple | 3:23 PM

Questions with No Answers Yet
1. Have Turkish troops entered Iraq?
2. How is it that 2 of the missiles that hit Kuwait from Iraq were US missiles?
3. Is Saddam alive? (Rumors have speculated that there is a picture of him on a stretcher, yet one of our readers brought something to my attention: Where is Uday?)
4. Why is it we mostly see Sahaf? Where are the other leaders?
5. How did the RAF plane get shot down by a Patriotic missile and where is the wreckage?
6. Umm Qasr... taken over or not?
7. Have I gotten my news confused?

posted by Rampurple | 3:21 PM

Rescue 911
I am watching live on Abu Dhabi TV a live man hunt for the pilot who ejected! The reporter is saying that there are claims that more than one plane has been gunned down.
Shit I wouldn't want to be that pilot now!

posted by Rampurple | 3:08 PM

What the fuck
they are showing baghdad
there is a lot of smoke and A LOT of people
they are all on a bridge looking into the river
there is something in the river!
iraqi soldiers are in speedboats searching
a coalition jet fighter ejected over baghdad
they're not sure yet
BBC: Coaltion pilot has ejected over baghdad
they are sure now
now they're saying that an arabic news station is saying its more then one pilot
holy shit
they're shooting into the water
the iraqi soldiers
are shooting into the water

posted by Mark | 3:03 PM

I don't have tv at work so i am refreshing The Command Post trying to get the latest news on whats going on while at the same time i am working on some stuff for clients AND reading the commentary for the Formula 1 race taking place now.

When the Americans said they had Umm Qasr 2 days ago and the Iraqis said they didn't.. we all went "these lying iraqis, they think we are stupid". Now I guess the Americans are the ones lying...

posted by Mark | 11:43 AM

Yes, back to normal
Things in Kuwait really seem to be back to normal. It is like we are all away from the war. People seem to be relieved. Personally, I am at work trying to keep updated with the Formula One race in Malaysia at the moment.

As for the War:
-According to Arab media, Iraq has claimed shooting down another allied fighter plane.
- British defense minister has announced that a British plane has gone missing during the overnight operational mission. He does not know the type of plane or how it has disappeared.
- Allied troops are facing heavy pocket resistance in areas from Umm Qasr until Basra.
- Senior official in Iraqi Baath killed in confrontation with allied troops. More details on that soon.
- Casualties are higher than the US expected. I do not know exact numbers because each news agency is reporting different numbers. Journalists have been killed as well. a British crew is missing. The army's press have been receiving calls from journalists under fire or stranded in ares in South Iraq.
- "Grenades exploded at a 101st Airborne command center in Kuwait early Sunday, killing one and wounding 13 servicemen, and a U.S. soldier was detained as a suspect in the attack, the Army said." (Yahoo News)

posted by Rampurple | 10:46 AM

Tomahawk Expiration Date
Suzan writes: This is in regards to your post regarding the possibility of Tomahawk missles hitting Kuwait. Now I have been to Serbia which had been hit by a.o. Tomahawks in 1999 as you might remember and not all of those bombs reached the "proper target" either. While I was in Belgrade I have seen some of those tomahawks and guess what: they got an expiration date. And the expiration date of those bombs were: 1987. It was shocking for me to see that; i think it is definitely playing with innocent lifes to even take this risk with lethal weapons. In other words: might be, thus, that they use "old bombs" now as well.

posted by Mark | 8:58 AM

Back to normal... noooooooooooooo
It seems things are getting back to normal in Kuwait. Its 8:30AM and I am currently at work! I took some pictures yesterday of the streets of Kuwait including ones of a pop-up checkpoint. I will try to post these up once I get home from work.

posted by Mark | 8:37 AM

Atleast 2 Tomahawk missles hit Kuwait
B J Price writes: "At lest two of the eight supposedly Iraqi missiles that hit Kuwait turned out to be US sea-launched cruise missiles that strayed off course. This can be clearly seen even from the craters left in the ground by the explosions of these missiles. After detonation the ÒScudÓ warhead leaves a crater as much as 8 meters deep. What was observed in Kuwait, however, is the typical crater left by the detonation of a cruise missileÕs warhead. The story with the rest of the Iraqi missile launches is also unclear. Experts are leaning toward a possibility that the explosions in the Kuwaiti border regions were caused not by missiles but by 120-mm mortar shells fired by the Iraqi mobile units."

posted by Mark | 8:35 AM

One More Thing
I bumped into Wolf at the airport this afternoon he told me that a "six foot one white arab male with a drunknmunky tshirt came to meet him without an appointment to take a "fan picture" with him and told him something about a blog." He got suspicious and was worried a terrorist attack will be made at him. He fled the country in fear for his life.

* Nobody believe this. I am only trying to lighten up the air.

posted by Rampurple | 12:14 AM

Day 3

A lot has happened today. I really do not know which TV stations to believe anymore.
Umm Qasr is now mostly controlled by allied troops but they faced resistance. Another group of troops reached the outskirts of Basra where they faced some resistance as well. According to most TV stations, 4 marines were killed in battle. 2 helicopter collided last night killing 6 Brits and one American. Air strikes continued on Baghdad today.
CNN have been expelled from Baghdad.

I can't remember anymore. I have myself locked up in my bedroom. My television set is switched off. I am listening to mellow music. I seem to be able to ignore the outside world and will take advantage of this gift. Goodnight everyone from Kuwait!

posted by Rampurple | 12:08 AM
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