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Sunday, May 04, 2003  

Real Laugh

Thanks to one of our readers, I got a kick out of this

posted by Rampurple | 1:51 PM

Powell must hear the opposition

"If Powell is coming here only to convey a message, then he need not bother, as Syria would certainly relay the message to fraternal Lebanon." Tueni said.

The Lebanese crack me up sometimes.....the above statement is very true, yet sad to read.

posted by Rampurple | 9:55 AM

Iraq will win the war!

Hahahahahahhaa.......what do you mean the war is over?

posted by Rampurple | 9:42 AM

...need someone to trust?

Trust Tarek Aziz with your secrets!

"We're learning, for example, that Tariq Aziz still doesn't know how to tell the truth," Bush said. "He didn't know how to tell the truth when he was in office, he doesn't know how to tell the truth as a captive."

posted by Rampurple | 9:36 AM
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