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Saturday, May 31, 2003  

Goodbye qHate

The time has come.

With qHate, we got to keep track of a piece of history in Kuwait. We witnessed Kuwait preparing for war, during the war, and post-war. I tried to allow people abroad to feel and know everything I feel, know, and see during these times. Now it is time to move on.

.... Before your eyes well up... I would like you all to know that you have not gotten ridden of us yet..... On Sunday 15th June, we will be launching our new website: plus965..... dedicated to Kuwait.

Goodbye qHate!

posted by Rampurple | 10:41 PM

Friday, May 30, 2003  

Entertainment....hmmmmm.... nightlife as most of the world knows it....does not exist in Kuwait. Meaning, in Kuwait, there are no clubs or pubs. Alcohol is prohibited. So here is what most people do:

In Kuwait, you have a wide variety of restaurants and coffee shops from all over the world. So meeting friends for lunch or dinner is counted as entertainment.
Shopping or simply wondering around in a mall....this is a very popular past time in Kuwait.
Ice Skating (indoor skating rink), beach, volleyball.... these are some more things people do for fun in Kuwait (at least the energetic or somewhat athletic people).
Another popular recreation in Kuwait, is driving up and down the Gulf Road (this is a long stretch of road next to the Gulf).
Private gatherings in homes is very popular. People invite their closest friends or business associates home. Alcohol is often served since most people seem to have alcohol in their homes. We usually play cards/board games/ video games. Or, simply watch a movie.
Speaking of movies, we have movie theatres in Kuwait as well. So people can go watch a movie.

I think I covered the basics..... if anyone in Kuwait is reading this and can think of more things please let the people out there know.

posted by Rampurple | 5:04 PM


Since some of you have decided to keep on visiting qHate, and I cannot find much to write about....and my fellow bloggers seem to have disappeared.....

...I have an idea (that rarely happens!):

How about you guys tell me what you are interested in? Is there anything about Kuwait or the Arab world you want to know about? I am not saying that I know everything...but I would ask around about the things I don't know about.....and don't forget people can always join in the discussion and set me right or state their own opinions. What do you guys think?

posted by Rampurple | 12:59 PM

Thursday, May 29, 2003  

Dust Storms

The dust storms are not so bad nowadays. It increases the amount of dust in our homes but not a lot. When we got those really bad dust storms a few months ago I had a hard time breathing in bed, especially since my bed is next to my window. The dust storms we get now are mild. They don't affect us in any way. Today, the weather was nice, perfect for the beach actually.

As for humidity, Kuwait weather is not really humid compared to other Gulf countries such as Dubai. Also, in Kuwait I haven't really felt the heat yet. Every place in Kuwait is fully equipped with good airconditions.

Last week, I realized I cannot seem to get in my car in the afternoons. You see at work I park my car under the sun all day. My car has a black interior so that means trouble. I couldn't even touch my gear. That was quite easy to solve. Just got some shades for my windows. I place them on when I park my car. So now my car is tolerable during the days.

posted by Rampurple | 6:36 PM

Wednesday, May 28, 2003  

Sorry Guys

It has been a while since I have posted...and my recent posts have not been anything interesting either. The reason for this is.....well....because I don't really find anything interesting to talk about. Life is back to normal in Kuwait (like I have mentioned before). Yes, Blair is here to thank Kuwait for supporting the allies, and Bush will be here next week as well for the same reason. I don't find that's suprising.
Only thing I am waiting to see is that if the same number of people will travel this summer or not. Usually, in the summers Kuwait is practically empty. Families leave for vacation to avoid the heat. This year with SARS, no one will go to the FarEast. With Arabs having a hard time getting visas to the US and most European countries, then it would be quite hard for them to go those areas. Also, most Kuwaitis don't seem to find it a good idea to go to Syria or Lebanon either.

So really that is more or less what is going on in Kuwait now. Weather hasn't been too good either. I look forward for the weekend to go to the beach.....and with my luck we get mild dust storms...I think this whole dust storm thing is crazy.

So, in short....the reason I am not posting much is because I don't want to bore you with my everyday issues.

posted by Rampurple | 8:47 PM
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